North Fork Wine Tours was an awesome and

North Fork Wine Tours was an awesome and seamless experience! We had a group of seven, and it went flawless. The few reasons why I gave it a 4 and not a 5 - I wish we could have paid up front via credit card for the remaining balance without a 5% charge. We also were kind of bummed by the second winery we chose. They had a shortage of wine glasses and rushed us through the tasting (since we had to use one single glass throughout the whole time), our server also seemed rushed and not quite willing to chat with us about the wine and the vineyard. Other than that though, planning on the phone with Michael and Shy was easy. Pricing was up front, clear, and did not change- they sent me everything in writing and called to confirm the entire itinerary! The driver arrived a few minutes early and was a great person to communicate with throughout the day. We got to each stop and arrived back home on time. He even sent us a "15 minutes left " text at each place so we could find him in the parking lot on time. The limo was clean and he was a great driver too. Would recommend! Thank you!