Like most people, I am not a big

Like most people, I am not a big fan of the dentist and I traditionally avoid going at all costs. I eventually had to go in because I was having so much pain due to my wisdom teeth. Dr. Rega's office managed to schedule me in last minute to have my wisdom teeth removed and the entire staff was AMAZING. Dr. Rega was extremely understanding and very willing to do whatever I wanted to do. He kept reiterating that if this was something I didn't want to do today then it could wait. The whole thing was completely my choice and I knew that Dr. Rega and his staff had my best interest and comfort in mind.

After committing to getting all four wisdom teeth removed, I prodded everyone with questions like "how much is this going to hurt?" "how was the healing time?" "how long will I have chipmunk cheeks?" etc. They answered each question genuinely and positively which helped put my nerves at ease. Finally, I am sitting in the chair, numbing stuff is in my mouth, they flip on the laughing gas and I burst into tears. Dr. Rega was quick and attentive. He switched off the gas and asked if I wanted to hold off on doing this today. He and his assistant were so kind and realized that I probably would do better without the gas. After calming down and making me laugh, Dr. Rega started and my wisdom teeth were all out within ten minutes. All this time I had feared and hated the idea of getting my wisdom teeth out and I definitely hyped it up in mind. Dr. Rega and his staff were absolutely fantastic and made my experience so positive. I highly recommend his office because I can guarantee he and the staff will provide you with wonderful care. I really can't begin to explain how thankful I am for the care I received at Dr. Rega's office and, if I ever needed to, I would look forward to going back!